Knars Petroleum | Knars Services
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Knars Services

Bulk Fuel Supplies

Knars Petroleum specialises in bulk fuel supplies. No quantity is too big for us. We do supplies to companies with fleets of vehicles to individuals. We also do supplies beyond our borders to other countries  in the region.

We have customised service to our clientele and we do have payment options in various currences for the convenience of our customers.

Delivery Logistics

Knars Petroleum offers delivery services both locally and regionally. We are resourced for deliveries and our logistics team makes sure deliveries are met right on time for the convenience of the client.

Deliveries can as well be customised to meet clientele expectation.


Knars Petroleum as well provides lubricants for various industries like manufacturing industries, motor industries etc.

Our lubricants services are per clientele order and we do deliveries as well.

Fuel business need no compromise or deliberation, Knars Petroleum is at your service – 24/7